Electroless Nickel Plating

electroless nickel plating

Electroless plating (also known as autocatalytic coating) is a process of depositing a metallic coating by a controlled chemical reduction that is catalysed by the metal being deposited. Electroless nickel plating can also be used on internal diameters of tubular components and other difficult to access surfaces. An electroless nickel plating can provide ease of cleaning, corrosion protection and wear resistance.

Advantages of Electroless Nickel plating include

  • Little or no excess deposit on high points
  • Virtually unlimited throwing power
  • Ability to coat surfaces that would be difficult by electroplating
  • High hardness
  • Good wear and abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion protection

Applications of Electroless Nickel Plating include

  • Plastics manufacturing tools and dies
  • Hydraulics
  • Printing rolls
  • Marine hardware
  • Food industry